Health Is Before Everything Else.

this is the motto that defines us.

Health Friendly & Earth Friendly

Earthy Monk is a consciously created marketplace founded by a team of doctors and dieticians. We are dedicated to offering farm-grown, body-friendly, and earth-friendly products, along with affordable diet solutions, to help individuals live a disease-free and chemical-free life.

We prioritize your health and work with nature

We source our products directly from farms and process them minimally, adhering to traditional wisdom, before serving them to your plate. Our goal is to provide complete health solutions to our clients, and we achieve this through complimentary therapeutic diet charts curated by our expert nutritionists. These charts are designed to help prevent, manage, and even reverse pre-chronic and chronic conditions such as obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, PCOD, thyroid disorders, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and gastric ailments, among others.

How It All Started

The inspiration for Earthy Monk began when a passionate chartered accountant left his business in 2001 to start Organic Sanskriti, a venture aimed at creating awareness about healthy and eco-friendly living. This vision has been carried forward by his daughter, who is a qualified clinical dietitian after becoming a doctor.

Monk's Vision

Our vision is to create a community that can lead a disease-free and chemical-free life, even in an age of sedentary lifestyles, food fads, and increasing diseases.

Monk's Mission

Our mission is to preserve India's ancient food wisdom and integrate it into our modern lifestyle. We strive to help present and future generations live healthy and happy lives in a sustainable way, amidst the rising prevalence of diseases and dependence on medications. By promoting the benefits of eating healthy, pesticide-free, preservative-free and natural food. Our entire concept is centered around natural detoxification, disease reversal, freedom from medications, and overall well-being.

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