The purpose and mission of earthy monk is quite simple: to help people grow spiritually.

This simple mission grows out of my own passion and mission for being and walking with people on their Journeys – feeding and encouraging their experience of God. So you could say this blog is a “soul care provider” for experiencing God’s limitless love more deeply while learning how to show that Divine Love to ourselves and each other; especially the wounded, the weary, the marginalized and most vulnerable.

earthy monk is a space for musing on God, grace, love, healing, pain, recovery, shadows, light, beauty, creativity, hope, compassion and restorative justice. It is also a space for musing about things we’d sometimes rather not talk about like doubt, addictions, depression, speaking truth to power, challenging apathy, affluence, arrogance and the ‘rudeness of rightness’.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 with several evolutions but due to life, circumstances, and some poor choices on my part, I closed shop for a year. Back in June 2012, I felt the tug of the Spirit saying to write again. My prayer is for all who come across this blog to know how deeply loved and desired they are by God (and to stretch and grow as well).

So, please feel free to help build this community, be a part of it, communicate, etc., and fee free to send me any comments, concerns, criticisms, thoughts, ideas or resources through the Connect link.

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,